About FlightSaver

FlightSaver is an independent flight search engine that compares over 100 travel sites.

FlightSaver is developed by a team of passionate travelers, based across Europe and Latin America. We are primary users of FlightSaver, and we develop it according to our own needs as well as that of our users.

Each user of FligtjhSaver helps improve it thanks to a proprietary system that allows us to share the best offers our users discover with other interested members of our community. This concept is at the heart of our brand idea: “travelers helping travelers”.

Unlike our competitors, we do not belong to any travel group, which guarantees impartiality in the presentation of our search results.

How do we sort the flight search results?

Our flight search results are organized from the best offer to the least relevant. The criteria taken into account to qualify the offers are 1. its price and 2. the duration of the flight. For example, we consider an 8 hour Paris - New York flight costing $250 better than another option at $220 for a duration of 14 hours with a stopover.

Of course these criteria are subjective, which is why we also allow sorting by decreasing price, arrival time and a series of other criteria to facilitate your navigation.

How do we sort the offers available for the same flight?

We favor the cheapest prices. For example: if British Airways sells a plane ticket at $250 and a travel agency sells the same plane ticket at $260, we will show British Airways’ offer first.

If the prices are very similar, we reserve the right to favor the partner site that pays us the most.

Where do our flight offers come from?

We consult in real time the prices and availability of our partner sites most relevant to your search.

These prices can show on some of our advertisements or on our site up to 24 hours after their discovery.

We are unable to guarantee the availability of the prices presented. We invite you to always validate the information on the partner site before making your purchase.

We strive to present you with the most complete range of offers possible, however, our search results are not exhaustive.

What do the prices presented on FlightSaver correspond to?

We show prices including tax in $ (CAD). Our prices are available for most of the existing payment methods.

If you are searching for several passengers, we present a price per seat (total price / number of seats).

Do we sell plane tickets?

FlightSaver is a flight search engine and therefore does not sell airline tickets or process reservations.

We present the prices available on the websites of our partners. We then facilitate access to these offers to be easily booked on the site of your choice.

How does FlightSaver get paid?

FlightSaver is entirely free for its users.

FlightSaver receives commissions for certain sales made on its partner sites; or is paid for certain clicks sent to its partner sites. 

In addition, FlightSaver collects advertising revenue for the various advertisements displayed on the site.